What We Do


For commercial & retail formats to be effective, the design needs to be iconic and flawless. Indigo Child approaches design in defined phases; ideation & innovation, iteration & implementation. A sound design process (ideation & innovation) is essential to ensure good understanding of the concept which results in better detailing (iteration). Better detailing means fixtures & features that can be made with minimal prototyping requirements translating into quicker implementation.


Certain projects demand exclusive long/short term external intervention. Indigo Child’s consulting wing is designed to meet client requirements ranging from – retainer services, monthly consultations, or project based intervention.

We provide end to end design, detailing, prototyping & roll-out solutions. Our involvement in all aspects of the project (recommending material, market research, vendor management, prototyping, implementation & production) ensures that each project is true to its original concept and vision.


Indigo Child also specializes in the design & development of retail fixtures and specialty furniture. We conceptualize and develop exclusive furniture and retail fixtures to suit the need of each project. Our designs are well thought out, affordable and easy to scale.


The founding of Indigo Child Projects & Implementation in 2011 was an outcome of many of our clients expressing the desire to work with a single entity for both the design and implementation of projects. Over the years, we have built a highly capable team that prides itself on deliveries on time & with top quality.

All though we do like to think out of the box, we also ensure that our designs are viable in terms of production & budget. At the end of the day an idea is only as good as its implementation and this in turn is dependent on sound detailing. If quality & viability cannot be assured at a reasonable cost, the design fails. Our approach ensures that concepts are always closely tied in to the financial aspect. Value for money is what we believe in and deliver.


Large & Small Format Retail Stores
Furniture & Retail Fixture Design, Prototyping & Production
Turn Key Project Implementation
Interiors /Homes/ Offices
Kiosk Design, Prototyping & Production


Our bespoke design services offers clients an opportunity to be a part of every small detail in the design and execution process.

Process: Prior to our initial meeting, you may be sent a questionnaire that is designed to help you articulate your project goals and expectations. Upon return of questionnaire, we will set up an initial meeting to fully discuss your project plans, needs and wants, your personal style and budget. Clients are always encouraged to pull together photos and magazine images that are appealing as this greatly aids the design process.  

Budget: Open and honest communication about the budget is essential to the success of the project. Based on the scope of your project plans, we can establish an appropriate budget to accomplish your goals. We offer exceptional project management and respect for the budget.

Design plans: Design sketches, samples and photos are gathered and given as in person presentations. Our clients are in full control and have the final say over all design decisions. We can shop for you and shop with you, as you prefer. We are happy to work with what you currently own, but as always, offer our honest assessment of how best to incorporate your existing possessions into the overall design plan.

Purchasing and Installation: Vendors coordination, Project management and supervision are handled in a professional and organized manner. Site progress pics are sent to you at regular intervals.