Featured Projects


The corporate office for Shakthi Media Ventures/ Talk Magazine involved designing a vibrant workspace. Rich colours and a unique ceiling design were used to achieve this brief.  Based on the fact that the team at Shakthi is young, we designed the interiors to reflect  youth & vibrancy. Using a play of features & color, we livened up an otherwise dreary space with a lot of play with the lighting too. We also designed a unique ceiling design that added charm and style to the space.


Rattrap the in-house brand of BLR Knits was designed & implemented following the brief of extending the connection between BLR knits (a garment export company) & the fact that Rattrap was a result of export surplus.

The initial concept brief (explored by Restore, Bangalore)-resulted in use of reinforced cardboard as the central theme. This theme was further developed and explored by us. We extended the use of this material into all furniture & display units.  In-depth research into the strengths & weaknesses of the material was done prior to concept development. Reinforced cardboard was used both for aesthetics as well as structural purposes. Furniture was directly manufactured thereby skirting prototyping cost and time involved. Based on the language of the store, paper themed mannequins were designed & produced by us for this project.

Layouts and Planograms for shop-in-shop formats of Rattraps in Centrals across India was also undertaken by us.



Design & development of a multipurpose kiosk for the Ascendas Park Square Mall at ITPL, Whitefield. The kiosk has a 5’ x 3’ footprint when closed & display points on all sides when open.  Mounted on heavy duty castors for easy mobility within the Mall.  The kiosk has perforated peg display panels on the main door, grid panels for pegs on the smaller doors & a mainframe within that could hold glass shelves or pegs for hanging display. It also has a pull out counter for additional display space, a lockable drawer & shuttered storage below counter area.  These features are on both sides of the kiosk.


Small format Salon- Made at Mahadevapura, Whitefield this salon was designed keeping in mind the limited space, maximum facilities & big impact. Using a play of material & colors we designed the cutting stations as stand-alone frames to diagonally divide the space. A display counter for products spans the rear wall framing the main area with the billing counter wrapping around the corner.


The theme of rustic meets industrial in Crave Boutique uses a combination of elements and treatments. In the women’s & kids sections packaging pine wood cut down into reapers was used as structural frames for display and for wall paneling.  The men’s section was treated using cement board panels cut into grid form Allen bolts were used as a fixing detail to add to the rugged feel. The ceiling detail was kept at a minimum with boxing being made to house the lighting. All the wall units were planned out on a modular basis so the configurations could be changed between shelving, hanger bars or inclined hangers as needed.


The interiors for Aryan Clothing Company were designed as a reflection of the earthy yet contemporary clothing that is manufactured by the firm. This office included a studio/showroom for garment display which would be used to showcase the Citrus line of clothing to vendors.