The Spider

The spider was designed based on a self-made brief for compact folding furniture that would not be limited to indoor use, be easy to assemble & not be hindered by uneven surfaces. Using this brief and researching the various camping furniture options, I designed a prototype using 12mm MS pipe sections to test the ease of setting it up over various surfaces. While the setting up worked perfectly, I also found that due to the interlocking mechanism the frame could hold an incredible amount of weight. Back on the drawing board, I changed the proportions of the legs (increasing the diameter & decreasing the length) & made a second prototype using teak wood which worked perfectly. The top of each leg was covered using an art-leather capping with a foam lining. This formed the frame of the seating that though looks a bit dicey, is actually very comfortable. The setting up is very simple wherein you need to hold one leg & unfold the others on top of each other-when placed on the ground it aligns itself to the surface (inclined, uneven or flat) and has a 26” x 26” footprint. When folded this reduces to a 26” x 6” bundle which is perfect for taking camping or trekking & is great when you need extra seating at home that is light & easy to set up.

It also works as a conversation starter; it was one of the first things that got us talking when I first met my to-be wife.

Modern day apartments are quite small in size and we find it hard to accommodate even the most basic furniture pieces. However, that is when folding furniture can come to the rescue and help us in managing limited spaces. Folding furniture pieces are practical solutions as they can be collapsed when not in use and can also be used while traveling. Their lightweight quality and two-fold functionality come very handy in small homes, besides, they are easy to transport when relocating and children can also open up the furniture pieces independently too.

Here are ten amazing folding furniture designs that can solve your space woes.