Rattrap the in-house brand of BLR Knits was designed & implemented following the brief of extending the connection between BLR knits (a garment export company) & the fact that Rattrap was a result of export surplus.

The initial concept brief (explored by Restore, Bangalore)-resulted in use of reinforced cardboard as the central theme. This theme was further developed and explored by us. We extended the use of this material into all furniture & display units.  In-depth research into the strengths & weaknesses of the material was done prior to concept development. Reinforced cardboard was used both for aesthetics as well as structural purposes. Furniture was directly manufactured thereby skirting prototyping cost and time involved. Based on the language of the store, paper themed mannequins were designed & produced by us for this project.

Layouts and Planograms for shop-in-shop formats of Rattraps in Centrals across India was also undertaken by us.