Green can be stylish too !

Cardboard is an underestimated medium. When reinforced, cardboard can be a surprisingly versatile and strong material. The desire to recycle materials has resulted in a move to create household items and furniture from cardboard. Whether you are creating a playhouse, banner, prop or model, cardboard can be your environmentally friendly material of choice. Depending on the project, there are several ways to reinforce cardboard to make it stronger. Despite cardboard’s apparent flimsiness; you can make cardboard furniture that can support the weight of a person just as easily as wood or plastic if you use an ingenious design and a little DIY creativity. So instead of throwing out your old cardboard, turn it into something useful and stylish by making a cardboard chair or cardboard stool.

So here is what we did. We used left over material from one of our projects and turned it into a centre table. We used the paper cutting technique to make this centre table unique and interesting. The table garnered a lot of attention from all who came over and we were proud owners to a unique piece of furniture.

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